Pan or Molly Barrie is a young, crazed fanatic of the Church of Neverland, her very own wasteland cult. She believes herself to be the Avatar of Peter Pan, due to her obsession with her ancestor's book about the Boy Who Wouldn't Age.


Pan was born to a former vault dweller and an actress on the Wasteland's version of Broadway. She enjoyed a mostly happy life, until her family was murdered by a rather intense Brotherhood of Steel agent, who believed that her parents were attacking him. Her father was an important figure in the Triggermen, but Pan was not aware of this.

After that day, Pan slowly lost her sanity, bit by bit. She first began talking to her toys. And then she began to obsessively read her book. And, finally, she began to think of Peter Pan as God.

Now, she lives at the Ferris Wheel in the World's Fair Grounds, preaching to anyone who will listen...


Pan is insane. Period. She's very fanatical about her church, and has been known to attack raiders who insult her and her followers. Due to this, she has a reputation among them as 'the bitch to avoid.'

She seems to have Bipolar Disorder, switching rapidly from one mood to the next at the drop of a hat. This is seen when she goes from laughing at Remington's misfortune while trapped in the power plant to being very serious and considering the reasons for what is going on at the time.

However, she seems to be rather smart, especially given her 'condition.' For example, in a talk with Tanner, she knows that the stars are balls of plasma and fire a trillion light years away, something that not many people in the Wasteland would recognize.

She may have schizophrenia, due to the fact that she frequently has discussions with her stuffed animal, Mr. Bear, in which she believes he talks back to her.

Pan has a flair for the overdramatic, possibly because she grew up with a mother on Broadway.


Pan wears an old, faded Vault 234 Suit, which she got from her grandmother before she died. It has been slightly modified, however, so that the pant legs only come to her mid-thigh, and it only comes to her biceps. It is unknown if she did this herself, or if this is a result of years of wear and tear.

Pan in her Vault 234 suit.

She wears her parent's wedding rings around her neck, as well as wearing a pink feather in her hair. She calls this her 'Wendy Feather,' but it really came from her mother, who enjoyed wearing flapper fashion-costumes from her roles on the new Broadway.

Pan also possesses a Chinese Officer's sword, and carries around her stuffed toy, Mr. Bear.


  • Pan has a habit of attributing people she knows to characters in Peter Pan. For example, she calls Tanner "Wendy" and the Boss "Mr. Darling."
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