Prince Patrick "Pat" Joshua Windsor, also known as The Duke of Cornwall, was the deceased twin-brother of Alicia Windsor, living in London in the year 2072.


Pat, and his twin-sister, Alicia, were born on the 8th of March, 2047, to an unknown mother and father, who were king and queen of The United Kingdom at the time.

On the 8th of March, 2072, all of the royal family, excluding Alicia, and including Pat, were killed killed by terrorists in Hyde Park. Alicia was soon crowned queen, and after The Great War, founded Her Majesty's Royal Order.


  • It is suggested that Pat and Alicia were abused by their parents, which was not known about until 2076, when Alicia announced it when being interviewed by GBMC.
  • Patrick, at some point, served in the Royal Navy.
  • Pat was killed on his birthday, much like William Shakespeare.
  • Patrick is loosely based off the real life Prince Harry: Both of them are ginger-haired members of the British Royal Family, with a military history.