Pirate Cove

Before the war it was known as Maui Island. Now it is a place of lowlifes and ill repute. Black markets, dealings between sea-raiders (pirates) or whomever has dirt on his or her name. There is little to no law and there's no real leader. Think of all the bad qualities of Mankind, you'd probably find some fitting specimen with them in the Pirate Cove.

Beyond the valley between the North and South Docks there's hostile jungles filled with mutated wild life. It's a place where evidence or bodies disappear.

Finished Maui

Pirate Landing

The main docking area where sea-raiders leave their ships, these can range from old one motor fisher boats to old tankers. Depending on how big the pirate gang is. There is a loose no-kill rule in this small dock-town but it doesn't take much to set something off. Whorehouses, Dens, Criminal empires. All can be found within the valley down to the Haleakala Docks in the south.

Polynesian weapons museum

Polynesian War

An old painting found in the Museum.

An old museum that housed mysterious weapons from the ancients that once lived on these islands. These deadly melee weapons are highly priced among the less friendly denizens of the islands.

Haiku Ruins

Haiku Marines

Haiku Marines Flag

The ruins of the prewar city of Haiku. Most of the city ruins have been taken over by the hostile jungles, but the old 4th Marine Division base is still up and running. Its inhabitants are the Haiku Marines, a mercenary gang that takes jobs all over the Aloha Islands. While their morals are very gray, they take any job as long as it pays well, they do have their own code of honor. The Haiku Marines never kill clients and don't hurt children, but anything else goes for them. The members take care of each other as brothers, always having each others' backs, and most were orphans that the Marines took in after they ran into them. They are led by a Nightmarcher named Mahoe, a prewar ghoul that used to be a part of the US Marines. The marines call Mahoe Pops, as he has been a father figure for many of them.