Romance is an element in Roads Less Travelled, throught the Prisoner(s) can encounter gains, set backs or even encounter situations where nobody could say which the result falls under.

There are many romanceable characters, each with different kinds of romances. Some just want sex, some want a relationship and some are looking for marriage. It depends on what they want or what you want, that determines how far the relationship can/will go.

Flirt Sex Relationship Marriage Compible Genders Rewards/Consequences
Alexandra Yes Yes Yes Yes All Companion Loyalty and shared loot.
Anson Yes Yes No No Females Discount at his bar/brothel
Ashley Yes Yes Yes Yes All Companion Loyalty, shared loot and discount in her store.
Banshee Yes Yes Yes No Females Increased reputation with the Jackals, shared loot and some tension with his wife.
Belle Yes Yes No No Males ?????
C.B. Rogers Yes Yes Yes Yes Females Salvager reputation increase, shared loot and radio assistance.
Chrissy Royal Yes Yes Yes Yes All Desert Ranger Reputation increase, potential to become a Desert Ranger, shared loot and increased reputation in pro Ranger territory.
Xian Yes Yes Yes Yes All Free medical supplies, shared loot, increased reputation with Boulder Scientists, a scar through a rough sex accident.
Wynonna Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Males *This is only the case if you aren't a target on her list. If you clear your name, you can enter a relationship and/or marry her.

If you are a bounty on her list, then sleeping with her will result in her killing you in your sleep.

Tears-the-Skies Yes Yes Yes Yes All Shared loot, tribal jewelry will be gifted to you, tribal weapons can be crafted for you.
Klik Yes Yes Yes Yes (Matriarchal) Males If you 'marry' Klik, she will own you and your descendants. Sleeping with her will give you a random STD, every time you do. However, you will be highly regarded in her tribe and be made comfortable by her as a concubine.
Helen Wheels Yes Yes Yes* Yes* Males *Helen will only openly be in a relationship with the Prisoner or marry him, if Eddie "Crazy Horse" Galenski is out of the picture. If Eddie catches you flirting with her, he will be very frustrated but will forgive it, so long as you repent and promise not to do it again. If he catches you having sex with Helen, he will no longer be a companion and will try to kill you, with a shotgun.

Entering a relationship with Helen can result in you getting shared loot, discounted items, adopting several hellspawn lovable little scamps and access to her truck... as well as her panties.

Ulysses Yes Yes Yes No Females Entering into a relationship with Ulysses will protect you from the Legion, regardless of reputation, as he extends his Frumentarii status to you, and earn you his loyalty. However, it will permanently damage your reputation with tribals and the Rangers since you willing submitted to the Legion (and women aren't treated very well there). Further developing a relationship with Ulysses will have him make unique equipment for the Prisoner.
Scot Yes Yes No No Females Sleeping with Scot will earn you a discount in his store but a decrease in reputation from everyone as nobody will be able to look at you, the same way again.
Clay Yes Yes No No Females May let slip something about his claim, has some discounted parts and salvage for you and is willing to share loot.
Cortijo Yes Yes Yes Yes All Provides a discount to his partner and may give a few of his items to you as a gift.
Crazy Bitch Yes *Yes **Yes Yes Males *Crazy Bitch will have sex with any man but none-Jackals/Daughters of Hecate have to pay. If you have a good standing with either tribe or are a member, she will provide her services for free. If she finds you attractive, she may also provide the service for free.

**She May enter a relationship with a Jackal or someone of Jackal material. However, she will not be faithful to anyone and will not even pretend to be. She has sex for money, regardless of who she is seeing.

Being in a relationship with her will increase your standing with the Jackals, though some disillusioned Jackals, who thought that she loved them may want a 'word' with you. She will give you free chems and may tattoo her name on your body (wherever you desire). She doesn't want to be held down, any efforts to get her to do so can/will result in her ending things.

El Maestro No No* No Yes Females *El Maestro is too scared to touch a woman.

Being his wife has a number of benefits. He will give you different drugs and tonics, that will give you a number of boosts and benefits. This will also allow you to lure happles fools back to his lair to be sacrificed, increasing his power and by extension yours.

He can also teach you some curses, that actually work, though they do not work on anyone wearing a cross or carrying a bible.

Torgo Yes *Yes **Yes ***Yes Females Women will have the option to flirt with Torgo. If you do, he will 'like you' and 'protect you.' This means that he will assist you in killing his master.

*He will only have sex with a woman, that he is in a relationship with.

**He will only be in a relationship if he is freed from El Maestro's 'control.'

***He will only get married if he is in a relationship with the Prisoner(s) and will not marry until he has kicked his drug habit and got back on the straight and narrow.

Dianne Yes *Yes Yes **Yes All *She will only have sex with someone that she is in a relationship with.

**She will only marry someone she's been in a relationship with for a year.

Romancing her will give you the benefit of free repairs, access to her workshop, free parts and blueprints and a shared inventory.

Denny Yes Yes Yes Yes Males He will allow you to live with him in his claim and stay whenever you like. He will also find you useful items, whilst salvaging in Denver and bring them back to you.
D.T. Danner Yes Yes *Yes **Yes Females *D.T. Danner will treat any woman in a relationship poorly. He will constantly berate and abuse her.

**If you marry D.T. Danner, he will claim ownership over you and attack, yell, scream and shout at them if they try to leave his claim. They will have no choice but to either kill him, sneak out or barge past him to escape.

D.T. makes some great scrambled eggs.

Dominic Yes Yes Yes Yes Males He will provide you with a discount on all Hangdog slaves bought from him and will also provide you with items, positive hangdog reputation and will occasionally pen you some badly written poems.
Donald Yes Yes Yes No Females Donald will provide technological components and more access to the Boulder Facility.
Dusty Heart Yes Yes Yes Yes Females The closer you are to Dusty, the better your discount is at her establishment.

Dusty wilpromisel share her hooch, profits and some tail with her one true love.

She expects her partner to help her support her, at the bar, after they're done with their whole 'saving the world' thing.

Emma Yes Yes Yes Yes All Will provide gossip, free hooch and a stable income to her partner.
Enzo Giordano Yes Yes Yes *Yes All *You can only marry into the family if his two brothers approve.

Marrying into the family will provide you with quite a bit of wealth and a share into the 3-Some Caravan.

Fast-Hands Yes *Yes Yes Yes Females *He can't have sex with his bum leg!

His fast hands are one hell of a boon, in the bedroom.

Frank LaFrancis Yes Yes Yes Yes Females He will provide you free explosives, some lessons on making your own and even a few unique inventions of his.

He will also give you a share of the store's profits, if you marry him and promises a comfortable lifestyle.

Fred Yes *Yes *Yes *Yes All *Fred cannot enter a proper relationship, whilst he is a slave. He also cannot get married and has no time for sex.

If freed and loved, Fred will be a loyal companion for you. Though he will no longer wish to fight and will remain back at camp, assisting Scot and Gog in building and maintaining the camp.

Ginger Flowers Yes Yes No No Males Ginger's heart belongs to Mallet, though she will ride any man who asks. If you have sex with her, it will hurt your reputation, in a similar fashion to Scot.
Guido Giordano Yes Yes Yes *Yes Males *You can only marry into the family if his two brothers approve.

Marrying into the family will provide you with quite a bit of wealth and a share into the 3-Some Caravan.

Vinnie Giordano Yes Yes Yes *Yes Females *You can only marry into the family if his two brothers approve.

Marrying into the family will provide you with quite a bit of wealth and a share into the 3-Some Caravan.

Helea Yes **Yes Yes *Yes All *She will only marry someone from her tribe.

**She does not believe in sex before marriage.

She will provide you with lots of Twin Mothers Tribe reputation and some respect from other members of the Blackfoot Coalition. She will also provide you with tribal medical supplies, such as healing powder.

Hex Yes Yes Yes No Females Hex will get you ammo, supplies and even high value tech from the other Ciphers. He feels that he is way too young to marry.
Jezebel *Yes *Yes *Yes *Yes All *Jezebel will only have a romantic relationship with a party that hasn't recruited the Hanged Man or has betrayed the Hanged Man. After that, she will call off the The Nobodies but being in a romantic relationship with her will result in her giving the Prisoner(s) a radio, that can be used to call in Nobody Operatives to protect them. She will also share the spoils with her lover.
Ivan Yes Yes Yes Yes All Ivan will assist, back at camp. Though he might not be trustworthy.
James T. Roche Yes Yes Yes Yes Female James will provide you a home and a slice of his economic pie (and his other pie). He will also offer to give you surgeory, to 'enhance your body,' such as boob jobs. Taking him up on this offer will result in death as he is dangerously unqualified.
Jillian McKinley Yes Yes Yes Yes All For her partner, she will provide a few custom made items and experimental items, that will come in handy.

She will also make some rather nice items, out of the materials she can't use. Such as pendants.

Joseph Dodge Yes Yes Yes Yes Females Joseph is always happy to receive some love and attention from his constituants but if things get serious, his partner will have the chance to be the 'first lady' of Hoover Dam.

This would give them residence in the 'presidential' sweet and give them a lot of leway inside its wall. Joseph's partner can order guards around, take a share of the city's taxes and even break minor laws.

Someone less scrupulous could kill him or have him killed as his wife and easily slip into his Office, with only a little protest from the locals.

Nancy Yes Yes *Yes *Yes Males *Nancy will continue her line of work as a prostitute, even if she is in a relationship or married. Trying to get her to choose between her partner and her profession will result in her choosing it over her partner.

Nancy will make you special dinners and will provide her services as a sex worker for free.

Kyle Yes Yes Yes No All Kyle will provide you safe passage through his territory and will give you a number of perks, in his camp.

However, Kyle may occasionally abuse his partner, physically and verbally. If Bear is saved from his clutches, he will put a bomb collar on his partner, suspecting them of being involved, even if they were not.

Lane Yes Yes No No All Will give you a discount and free chems for sex.
Larsen *Yes *Yes *Yes *Yes Females *You can only romance him, after curing him of his addiction. Should you attempt to do so before this, he will turn on you and accuse you of trying to trick him.

Romancing him will inspire him to take up arms against Presper. This will mean that Presper will not only lose Larsen and his men but will also have to face them. He will join the group, expressing his desire to form a mercinary company, should he, his men and the Prisoner(s) survive all of this.

Mary-Joe Yes Yes No No All Males, who have sex with her may end up impregnating her. If this happens, her father will send bounty hunters after you.
Michelle O'Connor Yes *Yes Yes *Yes Males She will only have sex with someone she is married to as she is quite old fashioned. She will try to bring her partner onto the 'force' and will deputise them. This has a number of perks and it is the fastest way to get the job.

She will also give you some access to contraband and seized goods.

Trig Yes *Yes Yes **Yes All *She will only have sex with someone she's in a relationship with.

**She will only marry someone she's been in a relationship with for around a year.

Trig will provide you with a discount in her store and will also provide an increase in Cipher reputation. She will also provide you with some rare components and will even mock up some special, unique, special inventions for her love.

Trisha *Yes *Yes No No All *If Burk catches you, he'll kill you on the spot.

She will offer sex as payment for a favour done for her.

Yvana No Yes No No Males Under certain conditions, you can opt to partake in a mating ritual with her. This will impregnate her, with your child. This will only be possible if you have a high Daughters of hecate reputation or are a fantastic specimen.
Bunk Yes Yes Yes Yes Both Those who are kind to Bunk, will earn his respect and even his love. Being a vagrant, he has little to offer but a big heart, a satisfying bedroom experience and his pattented chokeslam.

Unarmed and melee characters will have a skill boost and will learn a thing or two from him.

Some characters aren't technically romanceable but romantic interractions are possible.

Flirt Sex
Devil Dog No Yes If one, for whatever reason, tries to have sex with Devil Dog, they will get the 'Dog Fucker' reputation. Also, Devil Dog will not take kindly to it and will proceed to bite the Prisoner, castrating them in the process.
Gog Yes No Lacking any form of working genetalia or mental capacity, Gog cannot have sex or have a meaningful relationship with anyone. However, Gog will take flirtatious advances as an 'Act of kindness' and it is one of the easiest ways to get him under your heal and out into the wastelands, looking for gifts for you.
Dogs No *Yes *Dogbody can provide Dog characters/Companions with mates, to breed with. Obviously this service is only available to dogs.
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