Russell Square is the main manufacturing facility of Her Majesty's Royal Order, occupying the area of Russell Park, in The London Wasteland, in Iggylord's Canon.


Before the war, the square was a relatively small park, with the Bunker-Corp bunker, Bunker B12, hidden underneath. On the 19th of January, 2129, Her Majesty's Royal Order discovered the now abandoned park and bunker, and converted them into a large manufacturing facility, for The Order's food, armor, weapons, and other items, after finding schematics for various machinery, such as auto-looms and ammunition plants. Additionally, there are plenty of blacksmith's forges, for making the swords and other armor for The Royal Legion.


The facility is divided into three areas: The Workers' Quarters, The Park, and Bunker B12. The Workers' Quarters are made up of the pre-war townhouses surrounding the facility, and are where any Russell Square employees can relax, eat, drink, and sleep after work. The Park is made up of what was Russell Square Park, before the war. It is where the blacksmith's forges are, as well as the various scrapping devices, which are used to strip any items down to their core materials. Lastly, is Bunker B12, an abandoned Bunker-Corp nuclear bunker. It is where the automated machinery, and storerooms are.


  • Jacob Ross, the head of operations, who oversees everything that goes on at Russell Square.
  • Various Scavengers.
  • Various Guards.
  • Various Workers.



The facility makes many exports, most of which for The Royal Order. The following is a list of all known exports:



Russell Square Scrapping Machine

One of the scrapping machines

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