Salvator Industries

Important Information
Status Operating
Dedication Unknown
Location Southern United States
Known Members Helen Castile, Diane Hart, Edward Crane, Saishu Ketseuki, Rick Deere, Brandon Aviur, Stonewall

"Surgite et Protege"

- Salvator Industries Official Motto

Salvator Industries is a post-war private corporation operating in the United States under the leadership of Helen Castile. 


According to radio broadcasts, Salvator Industries existed long before the Great War as a shipbuilding company based in the United States. Not much was heard from Salvator Industries after the bombs dropped, but after a 200 year silence, the company re-emerged in the year 2285, seemingly as a mercenary contractor company. It's currently run by Helen Castile.

Military Forces

Salvator Industries military forces is made almost entirely of machines, with parts and schematics coming from the RobCo and General Atomics. The robots produced and used by Salvator Industries include:

- CS-11 Infantry Drones (Leader, Elite)

- AD-74 'Hawk' Unit

- BB-21 'Heavy' Unit

- TP-83 'Mudcrawler' Unit

- SF-00 'Guardian' Unit

- TG-48 'Tri-Tank' Unit

- BH-62 'Taurus' Unit

- SM-99 'Dragon' Unit

- LB-22 'Freighter' Unit

- UJ-50 'Supplier' Unit

Salvator Industries is almost entirely reliant on machine power for it's army. However, most diplomatic missions are handled by human ambassadors, and special operations are headed by an elite group of mercenaries known as Corps 88.


Salvator Industries uses a wide array of equipment and vehicles to accomplish their goals. The main

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