"I may not have been born in the traditional way, but I think freely and exist freely. I am no different from you"

- Six

Six, whose real name is 66-HTA, is a self-aware Generation 2 human training Synth. His origins are currently unknown.


Six's origins are unknown, but it is assumed that he is an escaping Synth from the Commonwealth. He was first encountered in 2276, at the World Fair in Queens, New York. Six joined a group of travelers in the area after he fortunately helped save one of them from a radiated Python, and he would accompany them on their trip to the Science Building. Once that was done, he continued to follow them down to the main pavilion, where he aided them in their escape from the Artificial Intelligence known as Clive. Somewhere during their travels, he disappeared for unknown reasons. He appeared some time later for Salvator Industries, now in Generation 3 form.


"I have been disappointed to find that it is almost identical to my life before leaving; Shoot and be shot at." - Six

Six is mono-toned and often emotionless individual on the surface. However, Six has a strong sense of morals and is usually one of the first to step up and defend others from danger. He's intelligent when it comes to defensive strategies or attacks, calm, and loyal to his comrades. However, he is sometimes extremely quick to judge a person and will often focus upon the shortcomings and weaknesses of plans and other individuals. Despite that, Six is very hopeful for the good of humanity, and will almost always seek a peaceful solution before resorting to violence, though that hope has slowly diminished after escaping and seeing the true world. Six is also strongly supportive of the rights of Synths to live freely and without persecution.


Compared to others, Six has a small and light-weight arsenal, though it is still a force to be reckoned with. In his side-pocket, he carries a .44 Revolver, which is his primary weapon. He keeps a large cache of bullets on him at all times, as well. In his shirt pockets, he carries a butterfly knife for close quarter purposes or for silent kills.

Six is usually seen wearing an unwashed grey suit, accompanied by a black fedora and a green tie with blue stripes. He rarely ever uses armor, but will not hesitate to slip into a set if need be.



  • The 'HTA' in Six's designation is actually an anagram for Human Training Android