The Almighty is a highly modified Gauss Rifle built and used by The Boss. It is unclear when and how he modified it as he did.


The Almighty has been modified to be extremely powerful, able to punch holes in highly dense targets, and smash through softer targets, like humans, as if they were tissue paper. It has a nearly unlimited effective range, due to it's ammunition's small size and the power of the electromagnets in the rifle- one of it's projectiles can travel well over several miles before falling to the earth, whilst remaining deadly all the while it is in the air. It's fire rate is relatively quick, about the speed of a gas-operated shotgun, but slower than a regular semi-automatic weapon.

It is also modified to have a targeting computer built into it. The magnetic coils at the rifle's interior will correct the projectile's velocity to match it's target's speed and position. This always the Boss to make some seemingly impossible shots, making it appear that the bullets are curving in air. What is actually happening is that the 2mm electromagnetically charged projectile will travel down the majority of the barrel at a straight trajectory before magnets at the end of the barrel will differ in power, in order to force the bullet out of a straight line, and into the proper direction. One example would be that, if a shot is targeted to the left, the coils on the right side of the barrel will emit a stronger magnetic charge, repelling the projectile to the left, while the coils on the left will weaken, as to not put up as much resistance. So, the bullets or not infact curving, they are just leaving the rifle barrel at an unusual direction.

This special modification to the rifle allows the Boss some liberty with his shots- he doesn't have to take aim as precisely as he normally would and he can more accurately make shots while moving, as the rifle will correct it's shots to accommodate any jostling added by his step. This makes the Almighty almost entirely self-reliant, it needs only input on the shooter's part, in reality. All one needs to do is just pull the trigger and the shot will go in the target's direction.


  • The writing for The Almighty is greatly personified. The characteristics applied to it almost make it seem alive. This is likely due to the unique nature of the rifle, since it is nearly entirely autonomous when fired.
  • The Almighty is named for the lightning bolt-like streak that follows it's projectiles, and for the sheer power of the weapon.
  • Upon the Boss' death, the Almighty passed to Tanner Collins.