The Church of The Children of Atom (London Parish) is a parish of The Church of The Children of Atom, in The London Wasteland in the year 2291.


It is unknown exactly how The Children of Atom, a presumably American faction, ever arrived in London, but they are also present in other parts of the U.K. Very quickly, they ended up at war with Her Majesty's Royal Order, due to several misunderstandings and settlement raids by the church.

On the 18th of June, 2283, The Atomguard, a splinter group of the Children of Atom, came about, aiding the church in The War of Swords and Atoms, against Her Majesty's Royal Order.


The main goal of the church is to convert every living man, woman and child to their extremist, Atom-worshipping religion, and kill those who refuse.



  • The Church, as well as The Atomguard, makes their own special currency of a steel-copper alloy, and refuses to use bottlecaps.


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