The Desert One

The Desert One was known as Lanai Island before the war. It received its new name because of its desert environment, and general lack of trees. Vegetation is on-par with the Mojave Desert. The sheer lack of desire to come up with a name for it was sort of embraced by the clear-cut and peaceful farming people who live there. They also possess of a sense of humor as dry as their land.

Finished Lanai

Dirt City

Dirt City

(the name's ironic)

As descriptive as it sounds. A settlement of one street that in the middle of a desert called 'Dirt City' as sort of an ironic take on their main trading partner and post apocalyptic Metro-pole: Pearl City (on Pearl Island). Dirty City exists out of low-built 'one floor' houses with destroyed front lawns and little to no activity other than of farming. They possess of a trading hub, the Herb store where people from all across the islands come to buy their medicinal or 'stress relieving' herbs. But they also sell own-grown desert fruits, grown on the fields just outside of town.

There are some remnants of the old civilization on the island like an airport and a holiday resort but these places are deserted and of no use of the people living there.

The town is prone to raider attacks, but when the going gets though, the people of the desert one get tougher, don't underestimate them. For they are well armed and don't take well on being pushed around by any muscle whether it be pirates or Pearl City smooth talkers.

Cascade Resort

Cascade Resort

"A fabulous Desert Paradise"

With virtually nothing else to do on this small island but to swim or bake in the sun, the Cascade Resort was a Pre-War Holiday retreat on Lanai designed for the ultimate escape.

The only building on the island that remains to show it was once inhabited before the war. The locals of The Desert One don't really come here except when the merchant ships land at the old hotel's dock.

People don't exactly know why it was called "Cascade" resort on account of there not being any waterfall nearby. Although scholars think that there might have been a big artificial one in the middle of the now drained swimming pool.