A mutated blend of what appears to be a dragonfly, mantis shrimp, and praying mantis, the Dragon was a creature that inhabited Bug Safari, until Duncan Graham and the Apocalyptians scared it off.


Fallout: Prophecy

For the longest time, Bug Safari was known as an incredibly dangerous place, where any who entered did not come out.  Kheiro attempted to do away with at least some of the Outsiders by tricking them into thinking he had headed there.  When Duncan and the Apocalyptians got there, they were attacked by a scavenging Deathclaw.  However, the Dragon burst through a nearby wall and promptly ate the Deathclaw.  They attacked it, to no avail, as not only was the Dragon's shell impervious to conventional weapons, it was also intelligent enough to protect it's eyes and mouth.  They managed to scare it off by finding it's egg mound and threatening it's young.  The Dragon took it's eggs and flew away. It is unknown where the Dragon went and if it will return.

The Legends of the Wastes

The Dragon once again appeared, now in Cascade Mountains. It attacked the fleeing Vertibirds of the Devil's Brigade, causing one to crash in Montana.


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