The Gun That Won the West is Tanner's revolver and weapon of choice. He had the weapon specially made by a master gunsmith.


Forged by a master gunsmith with a cylinder that holds up to 9 rounds, this side-loading revolver is a pistol aficionado's wet dream. The frame is of well-crafted, hand-forged steel, designed so that accuracy would not be affected to do a lack of rigidity. The grip is of smooth, polished ivory, so that it does not get clammy in a sweaty grip. The long-barrel design allows for great accuracy and the smooth black metal of the frame with it's gold etchings make it pleasing to the eye. The trigger responds easily to touch, but the gun is designed to not go off if dropped or hit. It can hold and fire any type of revolver round that fits it's barrel, from .45's, to .357s, to even .22s. It is a weapon made for elegance rather than power. As a result, the wielder would have to rely on different variations of rounds rather than the pistol's inherent stopping power in order to injure armored opponents and since it is a single action revolver it must be cocked manually. While the weapon is uncomfortable in a shoulder holster, due to the long barrel, it can be can concealed.