The Lone Star Wasteland is the irradiated ruins of the state of Texas and some parts of northern Mexico. Major cities in Texas such as Dallas and Austin were obliterated by a direct hit from nuclear bombs, but luckily Fort Worth and Houston survived albeit irradiated and heavily damaged. Along with Dallas, Austin, and many other cities the border was destroyed. These areas are referred to the Dead Zones as nothing could live and thrive in the area.

The Great War

The state of Texas was one of the biggest manufacturers of military vehicles prior to the Great War. It also housed Fort Lemoyne, the biggest airfield on the mainland US. These two factors contributed to it being a main target for the bombings. Two nuclear bombs were dropped, one on Dallas and one on Austin. These bombs destroyed the entirety of these two cities and radiation would spread throughout the surrounding area. Only a few minutes later, the border was destroyed by blasts from an underground powerplant's reactor exploding.



Vault 826

Location: Austin Dead Zone, Austin

Description: Vault 286 is located in the center of the Austin Dead Zone. It's experiment was to deny access to any public facilities for two months, forcing them to live in a state of filth and sickness. When the two months were over the dwellers were barely recognizable and attempted to attack vault security. The doors to the dorms were locked once more and the dwellers were left to rot.

Vault 770

Location: Fort Worth

Description: Vault 770 would never open. It would remain closed for two hundred years until it was discovered by the New Texas Order and turned into a vault to house currency. It had no scheduled experiment.

New Texas

Location: Houston

Description: New Texas is the largest settlement in the state of Texas. It shows signs of a new stable economy and government and has since taken the place of the state's capitol. It has been nicknamed "The Lemoyne Capitol" due to the fact that Fort Lemoyne is still preserved and intact within it's walls.

Redman's Walk

Location: El Paso

Description: Redman's Walk is a road leading to Dallas from El Paso. Most of it is heavily irradiated and is inhabited by feral ghouls, super mutants, and hazmat suit wearing raiders. Despite these facts many people venture down this road to discover the military caches strewn about.

Dallas Dead Zone

Location: Dallas

Description: The irradiated ruins of Dallas. Nothing besides ghouls and super mutants can survive in the harsh environments. It is the home of the Medical Technologies Industries headquarters.


Los Boneyards (The Boneyards)

Location: Coahuila

Description: Downed Mexican airplanes that are strewn about a desert. The raider gang known as Los Jueces control the area with an iron fist

Raul Nunez Motorcycles

Location: Coahuila

Description: The headquarters of a popular pre-war Mexican motorcycle company that stands relatively untouched. It is cherished by Los Jueces for it's history.

El descanso de los muertos (Dead Man's Rest)

Location: Coahuila

Description: A mass graveyard for Mexican civilians dug by the remains of the Mexican Army. It has an unusually high concentration of deathclaws.



  • New Texas Order: Governing force of New Texas and (hopefully) other parts of Texas. They strive for Democracy.
  • The Enclave: Just the good old Enclave
  • Brotherhood of Steel: Ventured into the lone star to salvage technology, may never return due to a three- way war.
  • The Gas: A group of hazmat suit wearing raiders who seek to spread radiation throughout the Lone Star Wasteland,
  • The Screamers: A group of feral humans who seek to cannibalize all those who are unlike them. The most feared group of Texas
  • The Spearheads: The Spearheads are a group of peaceful indigenous people who often give supplies to the New Texas Order. They are considered a primary ally by the NTO and are given massive plots of land.
  • The Roaches: Scavengers who feed of of food scraps and kill those who are wealthy.


  • Los Jueces: A group of anti-American raiders who have overrun most of the country and are especially present in Coahuila.
  • The Mexican Army: The remnants of any government Mexico has left. They continue to attempt to maintain Democracy in the country.

Unique Flora and Fauna



  • The Texas Bushfruit: Mutated fruits that grows on certain mutated bushes. They are very common in New Texas and cure the effects of radiation poisoning.


  • The Ghost: A mutated ghost-faced bat that has grown twice it's size and feeds on small mammals such as human children. It is the subject of many children's storybooks and folktales. Only one has been observed.
  • The God Squirrel: A mutated species of unknown squirrel. It is very docile and can telepathically communicate with humans. It is also worshipped by The Spearheads.
  • Satan: A mutated lion that escaped from a zoo in Texas. The heavy radiation has resulted in it being deadly just to be near it.


  • El Susurrador: A mutated bird who is chained inside of Raul Nunez Motorcycles and worshipped by Los Jueces due to it's ability to telepathically communicate. It must be put out of it's misery.
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