The Mechanics is a now-extinct faction that once dwelled in the Motor City Wasteland. They sought to fix the damage done after the War, like mechanics do.


The Mechanics got their start shortly after the bombs fell, when the people began to band together to rebuild. Everyone from former car mechanics to Chryslus engineers. Metalworkers, welders, and scavengers with a good eye for junk. They repaired power systems in the city and built water purifiers for farms and outlying settlements. To help fight the dangers of the apocalypse, they used equipment to machine weaponry from metal bits. Examples of this pipe weaponry can be found all over the east nowadays. All manner of good people soon joined the cause. The group even repaired a few vehicles that allowed former members of the police and military patrol the city. In time, he people of the Motor City Wasteland began to refer to the group as the "Mechanics of Detroit", fixing the world one job at a time.

The Mechanics fought for years against upstart raider groups and eventually became the dominant force across the Motor City Wasteland, however there were always more challengers. In 2130, the Great Winter hit the area. Water purifiers built by the Mechanics froze and burst. Snowfall totaled 3 to 4 feet, making travel impossible. Dozens, maybe hundreds, succumbed to sickness, starvation, or the cold. Many who survived were desperate and broken. The thought of attacking neighbors for a hot meal became more appealing. A slew of new raider groups formed and the Mechanics, also hurting from the harsh winter, eventually collapsed. Some members integrated into other settlements, bringing along their expertise to improve their new homes. Some members died fighting the raider groups to the last breath.

Much of what the Mechanics fixed has fallen into disrepair once again. In their absence the raider gangs began to fight amongst themselves, a fight that lasted over a hundred years and only ended when the Green Gang eliminated most of their rivals. However the Mechanics' influence can still be seen the Motor City Wasteland. Farms still use their old jury-rigged power and water systems. A raider group now controls the Mechanic's machinery for making weaponry in the Snap-Off Tools Factory. And the "Heroes of Legend" loot their caches of supplies on the Heroes' campaigns.

Behind the Scenes

  • The idea was, not only did I want a group that expressed Detroit's automotive nature, I wanted a group like the NCR in the area, one that tried to rebuild but instead failed after a time.
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