The Outsiders are the various wastelanders, mercenaries, or soldiers who came to the Royal Wasteland. They are known as such, as the Royal Wasteland sees very few visitors, and all who live in the Emerald City belong to distinct cultures, so anyone who is different sticks out.

They were contracted by the Cause to determine where the strange message being broadcasted on the Emergency Frequency was coming from and then destroyed the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel's massive flying warship. The Outsiders are responsible for the deaths of Hades, Kheiro, the High Lama, and Mathias. They also disarmed Kheiro's Doomsday Machine in the Undercity.

Several members of the Outsiders end up being part of the Prophecy of Four.

Four years later, several members of the Outsiders would end up a part of Miller's Coalition.


Behind the scenes

  • Their name is a small reference to the Francis Ford Coppola coming-of-age drama of the same name.
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