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"When you try to expose us, we silence you. When you try to stall us, we will only advance. When you try to stop us, we will retaliate with bloodlust. You forced us to hide in the shadows for generations. Now, it's about time you all know the true meaning of darkness" - Captured Spy during BoS Interrogation

The Pivotal Pillars is a postwar authoritarian socialist coalition that wishes to build a new world order based on the foundations of National Socialist, Fascist, Communist and other left-wing power and principles through the means of Imperialism and globalization. Formed in the years before World War II, The Pivotal Pillars was first created as a contigency plan for the Rulers & High Ranking officials of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, The Soviet Union and other totalitarian states. If their empires were to ever fall, they would put aside their differences and secretly group together as one ruling shadow government, manipulating global events, and infiltrating the infrastructure of opposing governments from the shadows. However, if the world should ever happen to fall victim to a cataclysmic event, the coalition would serve as the First and Final Cosmocracy, bringing forth the new world made in their image that would last for all eternity.

In the midst of the war, high ranking officials of the United States Government caught on to the secretive order after hearing from some of the Germans of Operation: Paperclip. Interested in the development of a new world order built on only the privileged and the rightful, The officials, including the president, created a joint secret society that majorly consist of members of  "progressive" ideals. From there, they would dedicate themselves to maintaining the secrecy of the Pivotal Pillars  and help accomplish their unspeakable view of the New World.

Being the sole perpetrators of The Petroleum and Uranium Shortage and The “Zero Hour”, They have built up their post-war initiative with the resources they have stored and developed over the decades in their undisclosed bases and strongholds around the world. One of them being an abundant city-state hidden in the frozen tundras of the Artic.

From then on, The Pivotal Pillars would infiltrate and form controlling collaborations with major factions of the wasteland. In the course of their campaign, they would stage the construction of their version of a global empire, with the intent of eradicating the creatures of the wasteland and humans who either are declared unfit for the new world or wish to destroy their mission. Once completed, a new empire will rise from the wasteland and thus bring forth their tyrannical reign that will last of all eternity.

In their superiority of their numbers, technology and hive-like mindset, The Pivotal Pillars is the most powerful faction of the American Wasteland, maybe even the entire Post war World.


An Imperial Cabal

As some historical documents and records state, The Pivotal Pillars first existed as a secretive delegation of individuals who would meet and discuss world affairs and plans. Its members, however, were not mere politicians and civilians. Their members consisted of many infamous figures of history, such as Emperor Nero, Genghis Khan, Vlad Tepes, and even King George III. These delegations resulted in many bloody deeds of history. These varied from Coup d'états, sacking and massacres, major invasions and campiags and the assasinations of notable historical figures. With it's first documented activities dating back to the Cruxifiction of Jesus Christ, The Pivotal Pillars was pratcically the most powerful clandestine superpower in human existence.

The Rise of the New World Order

As Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933, He and his cabinet began plotting a contingency plan to keep their rule and power strong, even if their empire was to fall. It was during this time that they were approached by a mysterious man, only known as "Joe Q. Public". This man offered to build and secure this plan into a global clandestine empire, but one condition: to have full control of the empire after the war and Hitler and his Cabinet must be subservient to him.

As his first order of business, Joe arranges a secret meeting to take place at the Colosseum in Rome in 1934 in the cover of night and under heavy guard. All the dictators of the Axis Powers were to attend. Much to their Surprise, Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito and their advisors were not the only ones invited. Joseph Stalin and his cabinet would be sitting across from their sworn enemies. As it turns out, Joe Q. Public had invited them on purpose.

His plan was as follows: Two ideals that looked different, but really are in the same vein of idealism. Joe points out that Communism was an idea of creating an equal and progressive utopia where the lower and middle class was king. Fascism is no different with the exception of radical jingoism. Joe stated that the real enemy was not each other, nor was it those who crave capitalism, religion or even a particular race of people. To Joe, It was Free Will that burdened humanity and why it was so broken to begin with. With everyone losing this free will, Humanity would finally flourish in a new world and life. Despite their past differences, Fascist and Communists were in agreement. If they were going to truly change the world in their own image, they needed to band together to achieve it. Thus, began the most vile organization of inhuman minds the world will ever know.

Secret Alliances

What is unbeknownst to the entire world and even to the people of Germany, The Axis Powers and The Soviet Union continued on with their collaboration. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939 was the agreement to divide Poland between them and Operation Barbossa was the German Invasion that broke it, according to the world that is. In reality, The pact was a secret declaration of official alliance and the "invasion" was the largest disguised reconnaissance movement of support, trade, refuge and intelligence between them. In the years after, Soviet Collaborative divisions arose to assist in major campaigns & secret conferences with the Gestapo and the NKVD for plans of espionage and counterintelligence against enemy nations, especially the United States.

Plan B

In 1945, The allies were achieving the advantage and war was being wrestled out of the axis’ favor. Knowing that the end was near, The individual told the dictators that it was time to enact their secret plans. The Soviet Union staged their “invasion” upon Berlin as the officials were ready to depart through the ratlines, including the fuehrer himself.

Thanks to the escape routes or “ratlines'' that were provided with planning and some help from supporting organizations, the remnants of the Third Reich, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan made their escape throughout major regions of the world, majorly to former puppet states, ruling communist countries and even to the homelands of their enemies. Their pasts were covered up by the like minded authorities and were given accommodations, free from capture and living in the lap of luxury. From there, they would remain hidden from the world, establishing collaborations with nations and factions and building the new world order from the bottom up. All records and documentation of the Pivotal Pillars ceased after the Surrender of Japan.

Making a Deal with the Devil

Overcome with pride of the victory over the war, The American government made plans to advance their technologies involving atomic power. They expanded their plans into both industrial and civil uses of how atomic energy could make them the greatest country in the world. Knowing about the potential with the advancements that the third reich had, The government issued Operation: Paperclip, the act were scientists associated with Nazi Germany were brought to the United states and given amnesty in exchanges for making means of weapons and armaments for the US. Much to the members' surprise, the cabinet supported their view of a world without desirables, where only the worthy would inherit the earth.

So, with their american support and resources, The Pivotal Pillars now had free range in the USA. To keep tabs on the relations with the pillars, it’s members and to “relieve” those who got in the way of their plans, an umbrella organization was formed that would consist of the greatest minds and figures on American Soil and the most covert and ruthless divisions of the nation’s armed forces, intelligence agencies and national security agencies. The name of the Umbrella Organization: The Enclave.


After constant experimentation with genectics and behaviorism, The Society of the Pivotal Pillars is an existence based on Anthropocentrism and Social Darwinism. Thus nearly the entire population of the Pivotal Pillars have a hive mind to the cause. Nearly 85% of residents are gentically engineered to eat, breathe and live the ideology of the Pivotal Pillars and The Lord Imperator. 10% are refugees with free will wishing for sanctum, who must be servants to the residents before being expiemented and intergated into the society as obedient residents. The other 5% still have free will, but have high ranking status within the military, civil and political spectrum.

Because of the supressed and submissive will of the people, any resident of the Pivotal Pillars is extremely dangerous. At first, they will seem friendly to those outside of the communities, offering them gifts, pleasure and food. However, if the outsiders or fellow citzens break the rules or show dissidence of any kind, the residents will make "examples of them" or viciously attack and maul them on sight.

Having the same blueprint of the Lord Imperator's DNA, the residents are in complete submission to their leader, to the point where they would commit suicide for him without a second thought.

Aside from the insidious sheeple mindset, It has brought forth some "positive" aspects. Individual emotions do not apply within the people's understanding. Emotions such as fear, doubt, sadness, or fatigue do not exist to them. However, love and affection are not show either.

Every person is not bogged down by individual weakness. Each person has the automatic action of dedicating their life to keep the Pivotal Pillars active. They work, toil and slave without complant or exhaustion. It is becasue of the overall group think that norms such as Crime, Poverty or social legal and economic pressure do not exist. They are mental and physical slaves to the tyrannical system and will never hesitate to stray away.

Because of this utopian living, law enforcement is not necessarly important for the organization. Regardless, they are present either for ceremonial purposes or to spot out anyone who is show symtomps of the disease known as "Free Will".


The Technology of the Pivotal Pillars is far more advanced than any other faction of the Wasteland, even surpassing the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel Combined. This is because of all of the advantaged technology that they have secured and developed over the centuries. From lightweight & indestructible power armor, working automobiles and military vehicles, to even access to energy and food, the Pivotal Pillars are on par with being the only working pre-war civilization in the Post-War World.

One major factor to their advantage is the large use of Technomancy. The combination of Dark Magical Arts with technological science is what keeps the organization far more superior than any of the other factions. This is thanks to the excessive use of occult research sparked by the Ahnerebe in WWII. This has been seen largely with the unethical and inhumane experiments done to those who break their standards or  any unlucky wastelander to cross their path.

Another Factor is that they have a high collection of extraterrestrial technology. This is also thanks to both Nazi Germany and The Soviet Union collecting alien artifacts on their sercetive expeditions before and after WWII. This varied from pulse and laser guns, energy powered melee weapons and even advanced camouflage armour.

Their crowning achievement of technology would have to be the inhabitants residing within their barriers. The people inside may look human, but in reality are transhuman in biology and nature. This is due to countless years of genetic engineering and behavioral enhancements done to their inhabitants for the years. Those who do not receive these enhancements are sent into slave labor and indentured servitude, under strict and constant watch.

As for civil uses of Pivotal Pillars Technology, it is also extrodinary exceptional in supply. They are known to have medicine, clothes, food and other pre-war items that would be considered a relic in the wasteland. This is thanks to the Proletariat's Coterie


The Pivotal Pillars upholds the military as the only essential way to live life. Along with having a social darwinist worldview, the society has been immersed in a spartan-istic idea that recruitment into the services was the highest honor bestowed on a person. The age requirment to enlist in the forces is eighteen years of age. However, a resident is automatically drafted into the home forces at the age of seven. A person can either stay in the home forces or move up to armed forces. The military is split up into four main groups:

Armed Forces - The Combined Military consisting of Army, Air Force and Navy.

Gendarmerie/Secret Police - The Military Police that monitors both military and civil order insuring that everyone is still in line

Intelligence Agency - The board of agents that focuses on the counterintelligence and epsionage inside and outside the Pivotal Pillars

Militant Services - The armed civil forces at home, commsisioned to protect their families and their nation from threats outside and inside.

Foreign Relations

Eden Establishment

The Eden Establishment is a constant thorn of the Piviotal Pillars side. Every time they have overtaken a settlement or threatened to to take it. The Eden Establishment is always there to cause mayhem within their ranks. They have made it their sworn duty to see to it that the Eden Establishment is eradicated.

Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel to the Pivotal Pillars is a faction to be held as hostile, not necessarily to be held up as an enemy. In their eyes, the Original Chpater of the Brotherhood of Steel is the sole chapter of purity and disipline. Other Chapters such as the Midwestern and Eastern Brotherhood of Steel are folly factions blemishing the "Pure" Brotherhood of Steel.

New California Republic

Seing how they blame capitalism and free will as the reason why the Great War took place, The Pivotal Pillars see The New California Republic is an example of pure insanity: An insolent empire resurrecting the same ideaological concept and lifestyle of the old corrupted world and expecting a different outcome. It is under watch for now.

The Enclave

The Enclave is a close ally with the Pivotal Pillars, considering that they are the American branch of the organization.


  • When observing the inspiration of the creation of the faction, The Pivotal Pillars is an amalgamation of fictional organizations combined to create the ultimate evil empire. At first, its ideology, appearance and iconagraphy remsembles to Wolfenstein's Nazi Germany, Killzone's Helghan Empire, and even the mysterious nature and overarching power of Comand and Conquer's Brotherhood of Nod. In actuallity, The Pivotal Pillars has the subervsive and fantical doctrine of HYDRA, the elusive and calculating stucture of SPECTRE, the militant and technological capalities of COBRA and the biological expireminations and weaponry of The Umbrella Corporation and The Authority.