This page is a work in progress. The Royal Legion, also known as The Legion (not to be confused with Caesar's Legion), is the military of Her Majesty's Royal Order in Iggylord's Canon. It takes a strong influence from medieval militaries, and its knights are taught how to safeguard civilians and fight honorably. == Background == Main article: Her Majesty's Royal Order The Legion was fist founded on the 27th of October, 2087, at the same time as Her Majesty's Royal Order. It's main goal was to safeguard the people of The London Wasteland from any threats, be it deathclaws, raiders, or The Atomguard, who The Royal Order was at war with. From then on, it worked for The Order to fend off against threats, and attempt to restore peace to London. MORE TO BE ADDED... == Structure == The Legion is heavily inspired by medieval militarism, and so medieval weapons, armor and tactics are used by them. That being said, they do also utilize modern weaponry, such as guns and, at times, vehicles. All of their equipment is made at Russel Square, The Royal Order's main automated production facility. === Classes of Knight === The Legion is made up of fierce warriors, who not only utilize medieval weaponry, such as swords or maces, but also modern weaponry, such as firearms and explosives. There are many different ways in which a knight of The Legion may be trained, which are officially called one's "Class", A knight's Class does not effect his or her rank. All knights of The Legion are given a Pip-Pad 3500, which can be used to play holotapes, check their vitals, view the map, send emails to get messages across quickly, and other features. The list of Classes within The Legion is as follows: {| class="article-table" ! colspan="2" |Class !Description !Standard Equipment |- |Warden |
Royal Legion Warden
|The Wardens are noble warriors, dedicated to the defense of their land and people. They embody the virtues of The Legion with the steel of their longswords. |The Warden's standard issue armor is a set of interwoven metal plates over chainmail, topped by a visored barbuta helmet made to protect against a stray bullets or blade strikes. The heavy metal suit is segmented along the torso, arm, and leg joints to provide greater agility on the battlefield. A Warden's longsword is one of their best weapons, along with a .357 magnum revolver. |- |Conqueror | |Elite soldiers of The Legion, Conquerors batter their foe with the flail and defend with their large shields. | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |- | | | | |}
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