The Vikes are a faction of raiders and warriors found in the Niflheim. They are also known as "The Purple People Eaters" and "The Golden Purple Geats."


The Vikes are one of the oldest factions in the wasteland, having existed since before the Great War. They have a long and proud tradition of being great warriors, tracing their ancestry to the greatest clan of Niflheim "the Minnesota Vikings." The Vikes are made up of the greatest warriors from the tribes along the coast of Lake Superior, who have all pledged fealty to King Bijowulfar the Superior of Thunder Bay.

Their chief and primary god is Donar (Thor), the god of Thunder, although they pay tribute to the other pagan gods as well.

The Vikes adhere to a strict code of honor and conduct. A vike:

  • Is to never strike anyone, ever, no matter how deserving, in the back.
  • Headbutts are also strictly forbidden.
  • He must do his utmost to work together with his brothers, and to execute planned maneuvers to the letter.
  • No women are allowed to join.

The Vikes also utilize an ancient knowledge and repertoire of battle-tactics and strategies, handed down to them by their ancestors, such as "hooks," "sweeps," or "off-tackles." They prefer to fight use axes and shields tied in pig's skin. However, since honorable melee combat is not on the agenda of many, the vikes also make great use of firearms, typically assault rifles that can be affixed with bayonets or ballistic shields.


  • Because of their fearsome reputation, they are sometimes believed to be cannibals. Contrary to this belief, they are not, despite the nickname.
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