The timeline of Fallout: Detroit. The major events from the Fallout: Detroit canon and all of the related events from previous games.


  • November - The Ambassador Bridge opens between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, commemorating the Americans and Canadians who served together in World War I.


  • Detroit Fusion is formed after the merger of several local power companies. DTF is tasked with supplying electricity to the entire metro Detroit area and much of southern Michigan.


  • The Michigan Super Highway opens to the public, the culmination of three years of Chryslus Motors lobbying the Great Midwest Commonwealth government. The highway has no speed limits and quickly boosts tourism, and fatal accidents, across the state.


  • The Chryslus Motors Megaplex began when Chryslus connected their corporate headquarters and main R&D center with two adjacent factories. More additions came in the following years as neighboring rivals went out of business and Chryslus purchased their land.


  • Nuka Cola begins making attempts to acquire Chuggo Soda. The attempts includes several lawsuits.


  • August - The annual "Assembly of the Chuggalos" is held in the Nuka World parking lot. Afterward, Nuka Cola abandons its attempts to acquire Chuggo Soda.


  • Boblo Island is "gifted" to the U.S. by Canada to help with the war effort, one of the first land secessions not in the proximity of Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.. Timber resources on the island are wiped out and it is used as a dumping ground for Detroit factories afterward.


  • October - Jed Abrams wins the 2072 Belle Isle Grand Prix after causing a crash that left two dead. Jed's win was scratched after he underwent drug-screening and tested positive for Buffout, X-Cell, and Psycho.


  • January - The United States annexation of Canada is complete. Canadian protesters and rioters are shot on sight, and the Alaskan Pipeline swarms with American military units. Pictures of atrocities make their way to the United States, causing further unrest and protests.
  • May - Boblo Island Amusement Park opens after a mild clean-up and hasty three months of construction. It is an instant hit with the people of Detroit.


  • October 18 - October 24 - The annual American Auto Show is held but is cut short.
  • October 20 - Captain Roger Maxson of the Mariposa Military Base declares his unit's secession over the radio and gets no response.
  • October 22 - In the wee hours of the morning, Charles Duffy is caught in a restricted section of DTF. The military disposed of him in a sealed shipping container of radioactive barrels. Tremors from the Great War would set him free the next morning.
  • October 22 - Genevieve Tussaud gains access to Satellite Station Kimberly and compromises the targeting systems of Project: Aegis
  • October 23 - The Great War begins. It only lasts 2 hours. People take shelter where they can but many die outside the sealed Vaults.
  • October 23 - In the confusion after the Great War, Canadian Resistance forces overrun the prison camp in Windsor.
  • October 24 - Liberation Day in Tecumseh. The Canadian Resistance vows to take back their homeland from the U.S. and declares war.
  • October 27 - Roger Maxson orders the Mariposa Military Base sealed and he, his unit, and their families make the Exodus to the Lost Hills bunker. Many die along the way, including Maxson's wife. Those who arrived at the bunker would go on to form the Brotherhood of Steel.


  • February - The Battle of the Bridge is fought between the Canadian Resistance and the U.S. Military Remnants. Both sides suffer heavy losses. Only 3 known survivors.
  • April-October - The Long Summer. Temperatures routinely hit the 100s.
  • July - Looking for a driver, Gus Ochoa is introduced to Jed Abrams. Using the vehicle Gus restored, Jed and Gus's crew begin raiding the farms outside Detroit.


  • The events of Fallout: Detroit 2103. Jed Abrams is shot during battle with a police cruiser. He dies from his wounds shortly after returning to Gus's garage.


  • The Great Winter of 2130 hits the continent. Jury-rigged water pumps and purifiers burst. The heavy snowfall prevent the Mechanics from aiding outlying settlements.


  • Roger Maxson dies of cancer. His son takes his place as High Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel.


  • Elder Maxson ends outside recruitment into the Brotherhood of Steel. Besides a few remarkable individuals, only those born into Brotherhood are able to join from this point on.


  • The Mechanics' last stand at the Snap-Off Tools Factory, dying to the last man to keep their weapon factory out of raider hands.


  • The Vault Dweller, along with the Brotherhood of Steel, defeats the Master and his Super Mutant army. Afterward, the debate about outside recruitment is reopened. At some point between 2162 and 2198, the Brotherhood constructed great airships and sent those in favor of outside recruitment east, to assess the threat of the remnants of the Master's Army. The airships were knocked off course and crash-landed near Chicago. The survivors of the crash became known as the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel.



  • The Hunters arrive in Royal Oak. They and the locals of the Motor City Wasteland keep their distance from each other. The raiders think them to be wild; the Hunters think the same of the raiders.
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