"People of Goodsprings! This is your moment! The Powder Gangers have arrived. We don't want to hurt you, but by God we will if you keep those guns pointed at us. This town belongs to me now. You have five seconds to comply. One..."

- Trevor, before the Battle of Goodsprings.

Trevor is the leader of The Brotherhood, a small but growing organization of brutal survivors with the goal of rebuilding humanity in a totalitarian vision in the Mojave Wasteland.

Early Life

Trevor was born in February of 2246 in the remnants of Arizona. His parents were part of a small settlement of farmers and traders in the state and thus struggled to provide not only for themselves but for their son as well. Everything changed on Trevor's tenth birthday, when Caesar's Legion attacked the settlement; they killed anyone who resisted and enslaved the ones who didn't. Trevor's parents attempted to fight back and were crucified for their crimes. Trevor himself was taken as a slave to a nearby camp where he would spend the next ten years.

Most of his days were spent doing hard manual labor, which took its toll on the young child. He would soon become strong and hardy from the stress of the work, however, and after turning 18 he was chosen by the camp's Legate to be a personal slave. From there, he was able to perform much less demanding duties. The Legate even took a liking to Trevor, and made things easier for him when possible.

The Legate had a prized baseball bat from before the war that he kept beside him at all times. He often used the bat to discipline unruly slaves. Trevor believed it would be appropriate to kill his boss with his own bat, and thus did so one night after sneaking out of his personal tent and into the Legate's. From there, he made his way out of the camp, beating the occasional guard into submission but mostly relying on stealth. For the first time in ten years, he was finally free again.