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The United Republic of North America (URNA) is a post-war nation founded in 2331, formed from Commonwealth of New England, New California Republic and various other nation-states. With its territory encompassing nearly the entire North American continent, the URNA is considered to be the de facto successor to the United States.

Government and Politics

The URNA's government mostly borrows traits from the NCR and CNE; like the NCR, the URNA is a federal republic and has a rigid constitution, and like the CNE, the URNA is a parliamentary democracy with a largely ceremonial head of state and a separate head of government.


The nation-states that preceded the URNA became provinces within it. Under the federal system, the provinces retain a large degree of autonomy, but must adhere to the principals of the URNA Constitution.

Federal Parliament

The Federal Parliament is a bicameral legislature, with the Senate being the upper house and House of Representatives being the lower house. Both houses use a proportional election system. Both houses play a roughly equal role in the legislative process, and members from either house can become cabinet ministers, however, the Prime Minister must be from the House of Representatives, making it the more important house overall.
The Senate serves longer terms than the House of Representatives, and elections are staggered. The size of the Senate is also capped at 100 Senators. There is no maximum size limit for the House of Representatives, but is required to always be larger than the Senate. Every seat in the House of Representatives is contested in every election. In both houses, an early election may sometimes be called.


The URNA Defence Force is by far the most powerful military of the post-war era, surpassing even the Enclave at the height of their power in 2241. The Defence Force makes use of highly advanced technology, developed by Big MT, N.E.R.D. and various other R&D centers operated by the URNA, and they are also known to possess reverse-engineered Zetan technology.
The URNA has a blue-water navy, and is the only known post-war faction to have the industrial capability to manufacture their own navy ships.
The URNA also possesses a nuclear arsenal, however, to help prevent another Great War, its size is limited by the URNA Constitution, and it is required to never be used offensively.

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