United States of America

The United States of America (U.S.A) was a nation state before the Great War. And one of the last superpowers. The majority of known wastelands take place on the former soil of this country. Across the wastes you can still find plenty of remnants of the previous civilization.

Its capital was Washington D.C., now known as the Capital Wasteland.

Before the war

Before the bombs fell the United States was a capitalistic super power that exercised its power across the globe. Originally founded on a constitution, influenced by enlightened thinkers the nation was supposed to be the bastion of freedom and human rights



In 1969 The United States underwent a political overhaul to better strengthen its assets against the lurking communist threat. Instead of fifty states the nation added an additional layer of government known as commonwealths. Thirteen of these commonwealths were made up from previous States.

JES Commonwealths

A Commonwealth Map of the U.S.