Lazarus Grimm

aka That Sickly Pup

Bureaucrat Overseer
  • I live in the North
  • I was born on January 17
  • My occupation is being chained up, not to be released until Ragnarök.
  • I am the most bitter doggo you've ever encountered. Fight me.

Beware! Before reading any further here is what you need to know:

Lazarus Grimm is a bitter and cynical wolf who spends most of his days in front of the computer trying to be creative by writing dark fantasy stories, drawing, filming or composing music on the piano. Whenever he is bored, he usually slaughters a whole bunch of demons and make flower decorations of their corpses, all in the name of creativity!

Want to get in touch? Link down below.

Lazarus Grimm Get infected!

Created articles

To Do List

  • Ragnarok RP (high priority)
  • HubrisWorld? (medium priority)
  • More articles of the Eldritch Wastes canon. (medium priority)
  • Next part of The Rot (minor priority)
  • Potential Warhammer/Fallout canon? (least priority)
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