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  • Psychomantis108

    It's finally time, my six fingered bretheren!

    Drop what you are doing and vote for a winner!

    GO NOW!

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  • Psychomantis108

    The Golden Ashyam Tournament has left many dreams broken... but who cares about them? We're here for the winners!

    In our Semi Final round, we will see our remaining four become our remaining two! Will this contest go to the dogs? Or will the blind lead the blind?

    Round 1 (20/05/2019)

    Evangeline Winfield VS Graicus

    Round 2 (21/05/2019)

    Shanks Wain VS Cassander Auld

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  • Psychomantis108

    We did it people! My outworld champions are finally in the main contest! Now we will only be hosting on the Sandbox, one step closer to me re-claiming my throne!

    Anyway, go here for...

    The Golden Ashyam Tournament Quarter Finals: Round 1

    The Golden Ashyam Tournament Quarter Finals: Round 2

    The others will be posted as we go!

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  • Psychomantis108

    Here we are, boys and girls, it's the-

    Yeah, that!

    Here it is, folks! The Quarter Finals! Get ready to see these fights soon!

    Group #1 (05/05-12/05)
    competitor #1:     Shanks Wain
    competitor #2:     Valkyrie Ghost-Wolf
    Group #2 (06/05-13/05)
    competitor #1:     Wilkes Walker
    competitor #2:     Cassander Auld
    Group #3 (07/05-14/05)
    competitor #1:     Evangeline Winfield
    competitor #2:     William Van De Poorter
    Group #4 (08/05-15/05)
    competitor #1:     Shrike
    competitor #2:     Graicus

    Get ready for some hard core fights, my children! Our elemental champions are going all out!

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  • Psychomantis108

    Here we are, the final face off between the King of Daggerfall and the King of Perversion!


    Cassander Auld VS Rashka the Bastard


    Cassander Auld: 7 (Tes Sandbox: 4/Fallout Gravel Pit: 3)

    Rashka the Bastard: 5 (Fallout Gravel Pit: 5)

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