Gay 2019i Plasma league 2
Here it is folks, the unstable element known as higher stakes combat! Let's meet our nearly winners!

Round 1

The Empress of Yokuda VS Sander Lafayette

It would seem that our demon hunter has made it to the next round but how can he handle this demon in the sack?

Lessfind out!

  Round 1

The Empress of Yokuda: 8 (Tes Sandbox: 4/Fallout Gravel Pit: 4)

Sander Lafayette: 1 (Tes Sandbox: 1)

Round 3

Abello the Jovial VS Evangeline Winfield

After beating a steel titan, you'd think that Evangeline Winfield is unbeatable! But I dare not underestimate our jolly knight of mirth. Let's hope that there is a winner left to laugh with.

  Round 2

Abello the Jovial: 2 (Tes Sandbox: 1/Fallout Gravel Pit: 1)

Evangeline Winfield: 5 (Tes Sandbox: 3/Fallout Gravel Pit: 2)

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