Gay 2019i Ultracite league 2

This crazy elemental drama is reaching its peak as our four best finally go head to head. However, we do not need four, we only need one!

Round 1

Cassander Auld VS Hongji Liao

The King of Daggerfall is going up against the kingslayer... well he would've slayed Caesar, had he got the chance. I'm sure he would've.

Round 1

Cassander Auld: 5 (Tes Sandbox: 2/Fallout Gravel Pit: 3)

Hongji Liao: 1 (Tes Sandbox: 1)

Round 2

Rashka the Bastard VS Russel 'The Boss' Washington

A young sex pest, versus a grumpy old man. What a wonderful duo these two would make!

Unfortunately, I will be pitting them against eachother for the good of the arena. So get to thumping eachother you codgers!

  Round 2

Rashka the Bastard: 8 (Tes Sandbox: 5/Fallout Gravel Pit: 3)

Russel 'The Boss' Washington: 7 (Tes Sandbox: 4/Fallout Gravel Pit: 3)

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