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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    This does not reflect canon in anyway and obviously I'm just doing my best to represent other people's characters.  This is only in good humor, please enjoy it instead of hating me.

    “We have a new member in the group today!” Deaphanie said, as patient and calm as always. “Let’s all say hello to Daniel.”

    “Hi, Daniel.” The group said in monotone chorus.

    The ancient, desiccated lump of flesh that lacked any working limbs sagged in its seat. Dead, yellow eyes stared off into nothingness.

    “Uh, the fuck’s wrong with him?” Casamir demanded.

    “Daniel’s existence was difficult. He was brilliant man, but misguided in his desires. He attempted to escape me but, as with all things, was unable to.” Deaphanie explained.

    Casamir looked at Daniel with a mix of i…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    The state of the Fallout world in the Tales of the Wastes canon by the year 2290.

    In 2290, the hitwoman Shrike attacked New Vegas, killing Doc Mitchell, Dean Domino, Sarah Weintraub, Raul Tejada, Arcade Gannon, the Nightkin Lily, and Rose of Sharon Cassidy.

    Josey Wales, Craig Boone, Tanner Collins, and Cable have already been recruited by Miller's Coalition, which the group of capable individuals Miller has decided to put together in hopes of stopping Shrike.  In addition, many of those joining the coalition are on Shrike's hit list.  Morgan, one of the most powerful women in the Empire Wasteland, has also supposedly joined up with the Coalition, as well as Denis Callaghan and Naomi Eastwood.

    Shrike is an incredibly skilled martial artist and a…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    A Thing Well Done

    January 27, 2019 by SkyrimsShillelagh

    Two men on horseback rode into the settlement of Stateline. They were alike in some ways, but different in many others.

    The first of them was also the older of the two. He was tall, muscled, with unkempt dark brown hair. He had intense, serious features—attractive, but also nuanced in appearance, as if he was angry or dangerous in some way. His eyes were a bright emerald and calm, as if nothing could surprise him. A gauss rifle hung over one shoulder. He wore a heavy coat, the inner right side of which bulged, swollen with the shape of a pistol.

    The second man was younger, shorter, and wiry in build. He had long black hair, almost reaching down past his neck. He was youthful looking, with gaunt features, and hazy eyes. Someone who was fresh-…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Epilogue

    Shrike stood in the Penthouse of the Lucky 38. Corpses and machine parts lay at her feet, scattered throughout the room.

    Randall joined her, coming from the elevator.

    “Is it everything you thought?” Randall asked, perching on the conference table, careful to avoid the blood splatter.

    “Josey escaped.” Shrike said. She was covered from head to toe in blood, some of it hers, most not. “Somehow.”

    “Does it matter? You fucked his shit up. He ain’t coming back to this place.”

    “I need to kill him.” Shrike said. “I have to.” Knowing he was alive… it was like there was something moving beneath her skin. Slithering. An oily, slimy feeling she couldn’t shake. It felt un…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Epilogue

    Outside, the sun had set and Randall attacked the ghoul on the Penthouse floor of the Lucky 38.

    The ghoul went for his pistol but Randall was quick, leaping for the old ghoul and kicking him in the center of his chest. Up here on the second level of the Penthouse, a railing was behind the ghoul and he went over it. Randall dashed down the stairs, towards the center console, as the Securitrons in the room came alive, eager to kill the intruder.

    He pulled out the device Shrike had given him—a circular disk with pronged feet on one side—and slapped onto the side of the console. The disk immediately began to spin and, as it did so, the Securitrons stopped, t…

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