"I am not a what! I am a who!"

- Valeria

Valeria Grigorin, otherwise referred to as V.G., is a character trapped inside a computer chip of system suit design. She appears in Fallout: Final Frontier.


Little is known about Valeria Grigorin at this point, save for the fact that she has mentioned that she has a family and that she might have been abducted while walking home from her work at Sovkosmos, working as a field technician.

Regarding her family, she has mentioned that she has two children by the name of Nikolai and Alexis, most likely twins due to her statement that she was "with children". It is so far unknown if she was married or divorced.

It is also unknown as to exactly how she became an A.I. and for exactly what purpose.


Valeria appears to be very sensitive and emotional. She can crack jokes as easily as she becomes sad when she laments her existence as an A.I. She seems to be maintain a very sympathetic, neutral and caring role for people, no matter which side they are fighting for. While having been a proud supporter of the Soviet Union, she dislikes wars and conflicts in general, not wanting either side to throw innocent lives away, and is thus very critical of military organisations and governments.

She seems to enjoy listening to classical music, stating that she did so while she was pregnant.



  • Her surname derives from the Greek word grigori, meaning "watcher" or "guard", this also being the term used for one of the several choirs of angels in the Holy Bible, grigorians or "the Watchers". A name fitting for a supervising A.I.
  • She has mentioned that she regularly suffered from migraine when she was still in human form.
  • During her time working for the Soviet Union she secretly enjoyed watching American films.