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If you are looking for the Van Buren Vault One which this is based on. Look at the following pages.

Vault 1 (Archived)

Vault 1 (Removed Information)

Vault 1 is the first commercially made official Vault-Tec Corporation Vault fallout shelter. After the success of the Los Angeles demonstration Vault. The United States contracted the company to develop several more Vaults in the coming decades through several acts of congress. The location for the first Vault would be the Great Midwest Commonwealth city of Chicago, Illinois.



"A ship without a captain." The experiment of Vault 1 was to see how a Vault would survive if the Overseer were to never show up. Whether or not that was the true experiment or just happened chance is unknown. When the bombs dropped. The last Vault Dweller to get in was escorted by a T-51b armored US Army Infantryman. The Vault has had a positive relationship with the sacrifice and placed those relations with upholding American values.


Between the opening of the Vault and the Bombs being dropped. It is largely been an institution populated with the corrupt local officials of Illinois who lobbied their services to Vault-Tek to ensure entry in the Vault. Many Vault positions are fought for tooth and nail. The Overseer position was highly debated and became a semi-elected position when the will and testament of the Overseer failed to be enacted. Since then there have been corruption scandals, murders, and divides ever since. Yet somehow the Vault managed to survive the crisis and remain alive.


Around the late 2270s. After the fall of a Raven Rock Federal Enclave in Washington D.C. Vault 1 was approached by a member of the Civil Defense named Jeremias Klink. The individual possessed recordings of Vault citizens being murdered by hideous Mutants. When in conversation to the active Overseer and Underseer at the time. He threatened to use the tapes and have their own populations mutiny. The tapes were played regardless to ensure compliance but the Overseer and Underseer took the offer and remained local officials employed with ensuring the survival of the Vault facility and maintaining Vault-Tek's identity. Over the next years the population would be filled with the propaganda of the Federal Remnant regime in Chicago. Specifically ideas from the 'Inspector' who convinced them. Vault 1 citizens began filling positions between their own Vault and the Great Lakes Naval Station Underwater Complex.

First Vault-American President

President Daniel Parker

Having to pick a successor for the state. Elections were held in 2280. Using continuity of Government rules. The election was for one Senate seat of Illinois. According to the Presidential Succession act the oldest member of the Senate if all other positions have fallen will then proceed to the Presidency of the United States. In the fall of 2280, parties of all factions held candidates and the result was in favor of the National Alliance Federalist party and their Vault 1 resident candidate Daniel Parker. The new President was chosen and served with a limited cabinet. However he has largely diminished the role of President to a more Jeffersonian style of Government. Allowing the military, remaining congress, and government employees to largely operate without hindrance.


The Vault had two Garden of Eden Creation Kits. After integrating them they were taken and instead the Chicago Federal Remnants (Chicago Enclave) used them to purify Fresh water in Lake Michigan and provide a safe haven in Chicago from the massive Radioactive Duststorms.