"My Father told me to do two things here; follow your orders, and serve Russia proudly."

- Vladimir Marakovich

Vladimir Marakovich, also known simply as Vlad or The Mauler, is a Russian Cosmonaut currently serving in the Sovkosmos Agency under the command of Aleksandra Nikopol.


Vladimir was born in the small town of Azov, Russia into a family of 5 older brothers. His father, Nikolai Marakovich, was a former Lieutenant of the Soviet Union who wished for all of his children to follow in his footsteps and serve the Union as a soldier. As such, all 6 of his sons received military training from the ages of 5 to 18, preparing for the day that they would enlist in the ranks of the Union.

Despite receiving equal training to his brothers,Vladimir was frequently looked upon as the runt of the litter. Standing at 6'1'', he was the smallest and was also presumed to be the dumbest of them. Only his mother showed Vladimir sympathy. Still, young Vladimir possessed a strong will and a strong desire to prove himself to not only his brother and father, but also to the Soviet Union.

On Vladimir's 18th birthday, he received a gift directly out of his Father's personal inventory; A Semi-Automatic Laser Rifle that Nikolai had collected when he was stationed in Ukraine. Vladimir, a few weeks later, would enlist in the Sovkosmos ranks and serve a Soviet Union space soldier, until, as his father put it, "his legs could no longer carry him".

Events of Fallout: Final Frontier

Vladimir was among one of the Soviet Soldiers who defended the MIR from a United States attack. He was also present for the invasion of the Alien Spacecraft, Epsilon. He aided in the American's and Russians escape from the mothership after near-defeat. During the congressional on the Alien ship (In which the Chinese, Russians, Americans, and Israeli ministers attended.), Vladimir was sparring with Aleksandra in the Trotsky's gym, where she spoke to him about a supposed A.I. Program that the Soviets had been secretly working on. Vladimir agreed to help her in her quest to find the A.I.