Volcano Rock

Volcano Rock used to be known as Hawai'i island and is the biggest island of the archipelago. Most of the terrain is dry and steep with little to no vegetation. Its volcano is massive and incredibly tall. And active streams of lave leak from cracks flooding most of the western coast of the island, the place where lava and radioactive ocean meet is truly an amazing sight to behold, but it also inadvertently created lava resistant sharks whom swim up the lava flows into the mainland.

Finished Hawai'i

The Enlightened

Or so 'they' call themselves. A weird cult of men and woman who claim to have met with those beyond. They speak in riddles and praise the scientific research files they found in the old NASA observatories as religious text. Every visitor or initiate to their order must take a pilgrimage up the volcano follow the road of scientific trials to the Observatory on the upper crust of the mountain, where the atmosphere is light and you can truly open your mind. if you disagree with them or do not accept the trails they will kill you.


The old NASA space observatory was built here because of how high up it was, and the clear skies created amicable conditions for star gazing. it's now a place laced with homemade incense and utterly holy to those who follow this mysterious religion the old ones of the enlightened call "science".